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Why Transforming Stores is Essential to Keep Today’s Consumer

The COVID pandemic forced consumers to shop differently when stores were shut down for months on end. The issue for retailers now, though, is figuring out how to fulfill the…

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Blue Jeans Celebrate a Big Birthday with Style & Sustainability

As the blue jean celebrates its 150th birthday on May 20, one wonders if the garment could serve as a master class in how constant reinvention is good for business.…

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After 150 Years, Here’s Why Americans Are Still Pulling Their Jeans On

So much about American life has changed since the 1870s. For starters, 12 U.S. states had yet to be admitted to the Union back then. Horses provided the main mode…

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Here’s Why the Seal of Cotton Can Benefit Fashion Brands

It’s been 50 years since the Seal of Cotton trademark was introduced. That’s a lot of time filled with a lot of memories, many of them made while wearing cotton…

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Supply Chain

Can Earth Day Kick Off Climate Restoration by Fashion Industry?

As Earth Day approaches this April 22, the fashion industry is once again faced with the part it plays in climate change. But instead of hemming, hawing, and greenwashing its…

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The Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ website is an information hub for economic data, surveys and insights, news, and updates related to consumer attitudes and behaviors, as well as the global cotton supply chain.

90% of consumers wish cotton were in more products.

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75% of consumers believe better quality garments are made from natural fibers such as cotton.

We develop and provide thorough and objective data and information to trade and consumer media, the textile/apparel supply chain, brands and retailers as well as curious consumers. For nearly three decades, the Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey has measured consumer attitudes and behaviors related to the apparel and fashion industries, sustainability, home textiles, shopping and retail, fiber selection and preference, personal care items, and more.

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The iconic Seal of Cotton has helped consumers quickly recognize products containing cotton since 1973.