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Supply Chain

Here’s Why Earth Day Could Bring More Natural Fibers to Fashion

Earth Day will be celebrated April 22 and this year the organization behind the movement is focusing on plastics. To be clear, Earthday.org is “demanding a 60 percent reduction in…

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Why Consumers Want the Look & Feel of Natural Fibers at Home

Whether it’s being wrapped in a plush towel after a shower, curling up on the sofa with a soft throw blanket, or sliding under the bedcovers at the end of…

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This is How AI Will Benefit Consumers & Their Retail Experience

For years, retailers have had the ability to collect data from customers with the idea that they would use it to offer consumers more personalized products and experiences. But too…

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Supply Chain

Cotton to Cotton Candy? Almost! These are New Things Cotton Can Do

When thinking about cotton products, it makes sense that the first thoughts turn toward apparel — the denim jeans, the dress shirts, the tees, etc. – especially if you’re in…

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Supply Chain

Consumers Want More Natural Fibers — Here’s How to Innovate & Give Them What They Want

A recent viewing of a show about tiny houses featured a man who needed to get rid tons of “stuff,” including a lot of clothes, before his family could transition…

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