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About Lifestyle Monitor™

The Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ website is an information hub for economic data, surveys and insights, news, and updates related to consumer attitudes and behaviors, as well as the global cotton supply chain.

We develop and provide thorough and objective data and information to trade and consumer media, the textile/apparel supply chain, brands and retailers as well as curious consumers.

For nearly three decades, the Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey has measured consumer attitudes and behaviors related to the apparel and fashion industries, sustainability, home textiles, shopping and retail, fiber selection and preference, personal care items, and more.

Cotton is grown across the world and known for its use in natural, durable textiles.

88% of global consumers say cotton fibers are safe for the environment.

Our Survey Process

Cotton Incorporated collaborates with Bellomy Research (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) to complete more 500 interviews per month with U.S. consumers between the ages of 13 and 70. Through November 2022, more than 145,000 interviews have been completed since the survey’s inception in 1994.

The Lifestyle Monitor™ data collection has been designed to provide an accurate snapshot of the U.S. population by collecting monthly data from a representatively balanced set of respondents. The respondent profile is distributed across six key demographic categories (age, region, ethnicity, marital status, income, and education). Additionally, the respondents are 60 percent female to better represent the textile shopper. A little over one-third (36 percent) of respondents have a household income of less than $35,000 and one-third (33 percent) have an income of $75,000 or more with a mean household income for all respondents of approximately $66,000.

Thirty-six percent of the sample are college graduates. Fifty percent own a house or condo, 35 percent rent, 15 percent live with parents. Slightly over two-thirds of respondents are Caucasian, 25 percent are of Hispanic or Latino origin, 15 percent are African-American, 4 percent are Asian, and 4 percent are of other ethnic origins.


Global & Special Surveys

Cotton Incorporated also conducts a series of global and special studies and analyses annually focusing on timely topics of interest to consumers and the industry. The research studies assist the company in monitoring the changes in market perceptions about cotton and understanding where cotton fits into consumers’ lives. The company additionally examines the usage of cotton in the supply chain, providing expert economic research and analysis for global markets.

Each year, around 50,000 global shoppers are interviewed, varying in age depending on the survey topic. All people surveyed fall between the ages of 13-60, so survey results across several generations can be compared as part of the research. Cotton Incorporated conducts both qualitative and quantitative research to analyze shoppers’ habits and behaviors, how they use their purchased products, and how cotton fits into their lives.

Consumers from the following countries have been surveyed as part of the global consumer research:

United States
United Kingdom
*Not all countries are included in every global study.*


Examples of recent special topics include:

-Denim jeans
-Activewear purchases
-Period products
-Shopping habits
-Clothing usage
-Laundering habits
-Sustainability concerns
-Inflation impacts
-Baby care products
-Home textiles usage
-Fiber content labels
Cotton is a versatile natural fiber that has benefits for every aspect of your life.

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