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Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
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social media strategy

Weathering Social Media Storms

Accountability in the workplace generally means everyone is acting responsibly and striving to do their best for the business. But at a time when...

Social Platforms

If you ever wondered why you don't see this colleague or that friend on your Instagram feed, it might be because almost every other...

Consumer Engagement

For years now, businesses have been advised to use, learn, and engage with customers via social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What better...

Social Shopping

New York Fashion Week just wrapped, award season is upon us with nightly celebrity red carpet sightings and social media is awash in all...

Fun & Games

You know what people do within minutes of waking up everyday? After sadly reconciling that they can't just turn over and go back to...

Seeking Social Skills

For today’s retailers, the question is no longer whether to use Facebook, but whether Facebook, Twitter,...