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A quick Instagram search for #activewear will quickly reveal joggers, sleeveless tops, yoga pants, and more are being worn not just for workouts, but for travel, hanging with friends, and cuddling with the baby and dog.

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Children’s Apparel

Perhaps unsurprisingly, North West, daughter to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, recently trended on Twitter. It seems the 5-year-old donned a pair of her mom’s pink snakeskin boots that perfectly matched her pink snakeskin print dress. And then proceeded to throw a bit of a tantrum when she wasn’t allowed to wear them out of the house. No, celebrities are not just like us, but most parents are familiar with clothing battles. For brands and retailers, figuring out how to appeal to kids while keeping parents happy is no easy task. But it’s definitely worth the effort.

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Spring Performance

Recently at a Northeast clothing store, a woman wearing a winter coat could be heard voicing surprise that shorts were already out on the sales floor. Her shopping companion offered that perhaps the stores were just preparing for spring. Not to be swayed, the woman grumpily exclaimed, “It just isn’t the season for shorts.”

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Embracing Blockchain

Just when you thought you had a handle on what people meant when they talked about how the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are crucial to the garment business, along came blockchain. It has just the right ring to make it sound confusing and highly technical. But understanding and employing it can mean a closer relationship to consumers

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A Responsible Fiber

Most people want to do right by Mother Earth. Sure, they might grouse about taking out the recycling, or they

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Sizing Solutions

Fit remains an essential component for shoppers looking to buy something new. So both online and brick and mortar retailers

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