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Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
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Fast Fashion


New York Fashion Week just wrapped up the Spring/Summer 2019 shows, yet it's mid-September. Despite regular discussion about the industry's need for speed, and...

Price, Quality, and Style

There is a consumer-clothing trend to buy fewer, longer lasting items often at higher price points. But Americans have a complicated relationship with price...

Making Transparency a Priority

It's kind of funny how there are people who really care about certain things -- the food they eat, the medicines and vaccines they...

Keeping Up with the Fast Crowd

Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and every other form of social media have been filled with photos from the runways of the recently completed New York...

Fast vs. Slow

In a world where demanding consumers want everything faster, the term fast fashion has taken on...