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Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
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Being Digitally Savvy

China is still an economic powerhouse, despite the fact that its growth is slowing. The country's economy grew 6.2 percent in the second quarter,...

Global Lifestyle Monitor: China

Online and mobile shopping is tremendously popular in China. While just over half (52%) of the population regularly uses the internet (at least once...

Looking to Expand

It comes as no surprise to those in the garment business that the U.S. retail market is going through a change. Consumers are spending...

An Active Opportunity

If you think activewear makers were excited when the athleisure boom took place in the U.S., imagine how interesting the Chinese market is to...

Brave New World

If the U.S. and China were to post their relationship status on Facebook, the "it's complicated" option comes to mind.

Markets to Watch

It’s hard to forecast the economy 14 months out -- never mind 14 years -- but the current trends are clear: By 2030, the...

A Growing Market

It might be clear around the other side of the world, but China’s appreciation of that...

The Ties That Bind

The U.S. Congress recently revived the Trans-Pacific Partnership when it voted to give President Barack Obama...