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Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
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Using the Internet, Bellomy Research (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) completes more than 500 interviews per month with U.S. consumers between the ages of 13 and 70. Through April 2012, more than 80,000 interviews have been completed since the survey’s inception in 1994.

The Lifestyle Monitor™ data collection has been designed to provide an accurate snapshot of the U.S. population by collecting monthly data from a U.S. representatively balanced set of respondents. The respondent profile is distributed across six key demographic categories (age, region, ethnicity, marital status, income and education). Additionally, the respondents are 60% female to better represent the textile consumer. A quarter (25%) of respondents have a household income of less than $35,000 and more than one-third (35%) have an income of $75,000 or more with a mean income for all respondents of approximately $60,000.

Twenty-eight percent of the sample are college graduates. Fifty-eight percent own a house or condo, 28% rent, 14% live with parents, 71% are Caucasian, 14% are of Hispanic or Latino origin, 11% are African-American, and 8% are of other ethnic origins.