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Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
Reporting on America's Attitudes and Behaviors
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Home Textiles – Globally

Globally, consumers spent $201 billion on home textile products in 2019¹. While a drop in spending due to the COVID-19 pandemic is expected in 2020,...

The Comfort of Cotton

One of life's great luxuries that actually costs nothing is falling into bed and drifting off to sleep. What makes this a "luxury" is...

Home Textiles: Bath Towels

100% cotton bath towels remain the dominant offering at retail and the preference among consumers. In fact, focusing marketing efforts to remind shoppers how...

Home Textiles: Sheets & Bedding

About 7 in 10 consumers say cotton is their fiber of choice for top-of-bed product categories because they feel cotton is best suited to...

Coming Home

The U.S. has seen a slow but steady growth in housing over the last few years....